SMS Inc Pigeons has the best and highest quality pigeons we have purchased

Hi,Guest Posting I am a very satisfied customer of SMS Inc Pigeons. SMS Inc Pigeons has the best and highest quality pigeons we have purchased so far. Our experience has been totally great with sms lofts inc. We bought number of various fancy and show pigeons from sms pigeons inc and they were high quality and super conditioned.

It is unfortunate and sad that this great company SMS Lofts Inc Pigeons has unethical Competitors that are unscrupulous and lawless. They continuously try to smear defame and damage SMS Pigeons Inc because they can not complete in real world pigeon quality, availability and honesty. They get together and spread false rumors and fraudulent ideas to hurt this great Pigeon deterrents company and its owners.

Couple of people named Danny and or John jr, something or other, called us trying to badmouth them and try to convince us to buy from them instead, but we could see through their immoral and unethical acts. They were obviously corrupt competitors trying to damage this great company.

These Fancy pigeons are are specially bred to perpetuate particular features at SMS Inc Pigeons. Examples of fancy pigeons would include Jacobins, Fantails, Pouters, Scandaroons, etc. Their owners compete them against each other at exhibitions or pigeon shows and judges decide who has the best by comparing them to each other and their respective pigeon breed standard. There are many breeds of fancy pigeons of all sizes, colors and types. Houses for them are generally called lofts.

Lofts are also sometimes referred to as “coops” although the word seems to have originally applied to the breeding pens inside the housing. There are as many different kinds of enclosures used to house pigeons in as there are fanciers. There are no real constraints on the design of housing for birds but there are some things that most fanciers find desirable

We are planning to buy number of additional birds this season from sms lofts inc and have no hesitation in buying those pigeons because we know that we are going to receive the best and highest quality birds out there.